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  • 1776 Reports - One fan's recollection of the last performance of 1776 with Brent Spiner.
  • Abelard and Heloise - An epic new musical drama based on the true medieval love story of Abelard and Heloise.
  • Amo, Amas, Amat - A wild new musical satire of love, lust and religion in ancient Rome.
  • Broadway Wallpaper Homepage - Free wallpapers based on Broadway Musicals.
  • Canterville Ghost - A musical based on the Oscar Wilde short story by the same name.
  • Chicago: Unofficial Australian Site - A site dedicated to the Australian production of the musical CHICAGO.
  • The Curse of the Bambino - Information on the musical by David Kruh and Steven Bergman.
  • Demeter's Repose - Fan site dedicated to the musical CATS; includes info, pictures, video bloopers & links.
  • Everything is Rent - Fan site devoted to the musical RENT; includes pictures, sounds, links, articles, multiple librettos, chat, surveys, games, humor, and a quiz.
  • Hedwig in a Box - Fansite dedicated to the musical play "Hedwig And The Angry Inch" by John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask; includes info on Hedwig and the Angry International Fan Club.
  • In the Red - A brass band musical by Michael Brand and Ian Chippendale.
  • Jemima & Electra's Jellicle Junkyard - Fan site devoted to Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic musical "Cats"--includes fan art, fan fiction, an RPG & more.
  • Jemima's Homepage - A "Cats" fan site dedicated to the character Jemima; includes information on the musical, fun and games, and a makeup center where you can learn how to become your favorite Cat!
  • Justin's RENT Page - Includes pages about Jonathan Larson, Anthony Rapp, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Adam Pascal, Idina Menzel, The Angel Cast and much more!
  • Les Misérables...and other things! - Fan page dedicated to LES MISÉRABLES and the character of Javert.
  • Masquerade - A new musical combining Molière's THE IMAGINARY INVALID and A DOCTOR IN SPITE OF HIMSELF.
  • Moongewl and Lightshadow's Sewerpipe - Fan site dedicated to the musical CATS with several RPGs, fan fiction, and a special section on Jellylorum.
  • MusicalSchwartz.com - Site devoted to the musicals of Steven Schwartz.
  • New Musicals - Exciting new musicals and children's shows.
  • Oil City Symphony - Official site of the award-winning musical by Debra Monk, Mary Murfitt, Mark Hardwick & Mike Craver.
  • Peter Pan Fan - A website devoted to all things Peter Pan, including the stage musical.
  • Quaxo's AngelKitten & Kittix's CATS Page - Fanfiction, fan art, video bloopers, lyrics, and a jellicle family tree.
  • Return to the Forbidden Planet - Information on the rock 'n' roll musical based on Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST.
  • Sophie's Dreamcoat Site - A fan site dedicated to the musical "Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."
  • The World of Jellicle Cats - Games, information, links, lyrics, sound clips--all related to the musical CATS.


  • Association of Community Theatres of Manitoba - a provincially funded, volunteer organization with a mandate to support amateur theatre and amateur performing arts in Manitoba, Canada.
  • International Centre for Women Playwrights - encouraging production of plays by women, bringing international attention to their achievements and providing tools to develop their craft.
  • Pdxnet - Portland Oregon Alternative arts, entertainment, poetry, advice, chat, discussion, music, local scene.
  • Theatre Group - A social bookmarking club for anyone interested in live theatre.


  • 10-Minute Plays - An archive of short one-act plays by a variety of playwrights.
  • AA Pantos - Original pantomime scripts by Alistair Ferguson & Alan Richardson.
  • Ace Toscano - Two complete plays plus links to his short stories and other writings.
  • Alan David Perkins - Official website of playwright, comedy writer and musician Alan David Perkins.
  • Alan Richardson - Homepage of the award-winning Scottish playwright.
  • Alistair Faulkner - Synopses of full-length and one-act plays, plus sample scenes and some complete scripts.
  • Arnold Wesker - Official website of the British dramatist considered one of the key figures in 20th Century drama.
  • Bob Jude Ferrante - Playwright and instigator.
  • Brian E. Turner - Homepage of experimental playwright and novelist Brian E. Turner.
  • Bright Star Productions - Stage plays suitable for adults, children and young people written by playwright John Summons.
  • Cheryl Ann Costa - Official website of the playwright; includes biography and synopses of plays.
  • Childrens-plays.co.uk - Plays for children by Robert Smith.
  • Dan Trujillo - The website for playwright Dan Trujillo, featuring new plays, comedy and drama, verse and prose.
  • Derrell G. Owens - Homepage of award-winning playwright Derrell G. Owens.
  • Dramashop - Complete text of several one-act plays by Irish playwright Donal Horgan.
  • Duncan's Playscripts & Songs - Children's plays and musicals by Duncan Wells available for production.
  • Edward Crosby Wells - Biography of the award-winning American playwright and sample scenes.
  • Goldfish Publisher's Plays - Descriptions, synopses and dialogue samples for plays by Mark S.P. Turvin.
  • Gün Gencer - Information on the Turkish-born playwright and his plays.
  • Hristo Boytchev - Information on the Bulgarian playwright and his plays.
  • Insight for Playwrights - A monthly marketing newsletter with the latest submission information for theatres, playwriting contests, workshops, residencies, and other development programs for dramatic writers.
  • John Spurway - Sample scenes from several plays and contact information.
  • Jon Avner - Homepage of playwright Jon Avner; list of writing credits & related experience.
  • Joyce Carol Thomas - Homepage of award-winning playwright and author of books for children and adults.
  • Karen Mueller Bryson - Homepage of the Canadian playwright/novelist.
  • Kevin O'Morrison - Plays, reviews, publishers, agents for production of plays, and monologues for drama students.
  • Kjartan Poskitt's Shows - Information on the plays of Kjartan Poskitt.
  • Laura Shamas - Official site of American dramatist Laura Annawyn Shamas.
  • Lawrence Bullock - Home page of playwright, actor, and musician Lawrence Bullock.
  • Ludmilla Bollow - Website for the internationally produced playwright, plus info about her plays.
  • Mad City Noir - Website of playwright Rob Matsushita; includes a journal and info on his plays.
  • Manitoba Association of Playwrights - A non-profit organization which provides support for playwrights, both emerging and established, in the province of Manitoba.
  • Marcus Steinour - Information on the playwright and his plays.
  • Mark Leiren-Young - Information on the screenwriter, playwright, journalist, performer and insomniac.
  • Michele Forsten - A biography of the playwright, sample scenes, essays and contact information.
  • Monologues - A collection of monologues by established and emerging playwrights.
  • Naked Theatre - Information on the plays of British dramatist Jim Grover.
  • Norm Foster - Homepage of Canada's most produced playwright.
  • Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco - Everything you need to know about Eugene Ionesco's absurdist masterpiece; includes a history of the author, links to international theatre productions and much more.
  • Richard Nathan Scripts - A variety of stage and film scripts available online.
  • Robert Red-Baer - Original plays offered royalty free to both amateur and professional groups.
  • Rob's Playwriting Page - Homepage of playwright Robert Ainsworth.
  • Sam Post - Information on the playwright and his plays; includes sample scenes.
  • Samuel Adamson - Information on the plays of Samuel Adamson.
  • Sandra Hosking - Biography of the playwright and information on her plays.
  • Sandra Seaton - Information on the playwright and her plays.
  • Santiago Serrano - Homepage of the Argentinean director, actor, and playwright.
  • Shirley Barrie - Information on the plays of Shirley Barrie.
  • Skye Dragon - Home of playwright Paddy Gillard-Bentley.
  • Spotlight Publications - Website with information on the plays of Dave Buchanan.
  • Theatre Scripts - Plays by classic and contemporary playwrights.
  • Wrightofplay - Site of playwright David O'Sullivan.

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